Thu 10 Dec 2015

2015 CCFNT President’s Christmas Luncheon

CCFNT conducted its President’s Luncheon at Bogarts Bar and Grill on Friday the 27th of November.

The occasion was to celebrate the year that was and to look into our crystal ball for the year ahead.

The theme of the Lunch was “Back to the Future 2” where we compared the lunches of 1985 at Bogarts – a big change in the clothing and entertainment regime; Management structure of a business in 1985 compared to the regulation of 2015, and the look at Traffic control girls from the two eras highlighted the change in personal protective clothing.

Our President, Scott Chapman of East Arm Civil, commented on the two speed economy of the Territory in 2015 with some contractors absolutely over stretched and others having a patchy year, he commented on the Federal drive to invest in the Northern Australia vision and the long term benefits this will have for the NT, and forecast the great year 2016 will be for our industry with the NT Government increasing Infrastructure spending by 30%. He emphasised that we are part of a national industry and could expect to compete with national companies for the foreseeable future whilst other states are still hurting on the work front- NSW being the exception to this malaise. The new regulated structure of doing business is here to stay and companies need to gear up for this requirement.

Our Minister for Infrastructure, Peter Chandler, commented on his Government’s commitment to increased Infrastructure expenditure to help open up the North for other opportunities presented with the Federal drive in Northern Australia. The reduction in the cost of housing is a direct result of increased infrastructure spend to provide more housing estate releases in Palmerston.

The event was at capacity with 100 members and associates enjoying wonderful food, wine and company. Amy Hetherington – NT Finalist in the National Comedian of the year awards- provided us with a great look at our industry as only a comedian living with an engineer partner could.

This is now an annual fixture in our Calender for November 2016 and we look forward to another packed house.