CCFNT are constantly working with industry leaders at all levels to push for a better and fairer industry. There is no issue to big or small for us to advocate on your behalf. As such we work to provide various forums enabling you to have your say on all matters affecting the industry, and push to improve it.

CCFNT’s key policy principles include:

  • maintenance of strong government spending
  • investment in skills development and training
  • efficient, competitive and equitable procurement
  • appropriate licensing requirements
  • the reduction of red tape, regulation and taxation
  • appropriate work health and safety regulation
  • sensible and practical environmental regulation
  • fair and equitable employment and workplace relations

Policy Positions

CCFNT has established policy positions on a wide range of issues that affect the civil construction industry including:

  • procurement and prequalification
  • appropriate building and planning regulation
  • future infrastructure requirements
  • workers compensation
  • training policy
  • employment and workplace relations
  • work health and safety
  • environmental legislation and regulation


To find out more about CCFNT policies, or to provide feedback about an issue affecting your business, contact the CCFNT Branch on (08) 8999 6221 or email [email protected]